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Issue 391


A Short History of iOS App Icons
App icon design will continue to challenge designers with its constraints, fueling a world of unlimited creative possibilities.

Setting UX Roles and Responsibilities in Product Development: The RACI Template
Use a flexible responsibility-assignment matrix to clarify UX roles and responsibilities, anticipate team collaboration points, and maintain productivity.

Misguided by research — The two dimensions of SUS
The System Usability Scale is largely considered unidimensional but there is a “hidden” dimension; learnability.

How to pick the least wrong colors
An algorithm for creating color palettes for data visualization.

Why empathy is the most important phase in the UX process
Empathy is the starting point for any design project.


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Tools and Resources

Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Apple redesigned its guidelines to be more cross-platform, easier to search, and completely reorganized from high-level design principles down to low-level component guidance.

Google: How to increase feature adoption the right way
How to maximize new product releases with these 5 key principles.

The home for your team’s work in progress.

UX Portfolio

Minjun Chen
Minjun is a product designer at Microsoft Bing.

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Last But Not Least

On Creativity: My modest guide to being more creative
Generate lots of options. Refine the best ones until you have something you like.

“The proper study of mankind is the science of design. ”
— Herbert Simon

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