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Issue 78


The Veil of Ignorance
Don’t design for yourself and your perfect eyesight, retina screens, and fast internet connection. Imagine a world where you are not who you are right now.

The Differing Roles of the UX Designer
UX design is a relatively new role for many so different companies expect vastly different things from the same job title.

Finding your own style as a designer
The case against having a style by Tobias van Schneider.

The Race To Create A Skeuomorphism You Don’t Hate
Two powerful companies are re-inventing one of the oldest, most-hated ideas in UX.

UX Design for Mobile: Bottom Navigation
Help users navigate by designing bottom navigation that is visible, clear, and simple.

From touchpoints to journeys
Only by looking at the customer’s experience along the entire journey can you really begin to understand how to meaningfully improve the experience. For another take on customer journeys, check out Online experiences begin and end offline.

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Bring Your Team To Life
Make HipChat Your Collaboration Command Center. Group Chat, Video Chat & Screensharing. $0/Unlimited Users. Get Started

Tools & Resources

Organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place from the Noun Project. Other solutions include Pixave and Iconjar.

UX Visualization Examples & Tips
More than 50 examples of visualization including journey maps, personas, and infographics.

UX for Change
A project by Nick Finck to connect designers with projects, design mentors with mentees, and to provide resources and tools to those who are interested in how design can improve the world we live in.

Slides Framework: Design Resources (PSD & SKETCH)
A free pack of design resources, which includes over 90 high quality slides and 15 templates for Photoshop and Sketch. For another resource, check out Module 2.


Interaction16 Videos
Recorded talks from the ninth annual Interaction conference, organized by IxDA.

Design in Tech Report 2016
Slides and video of John Maeda at SXSW presenting this year’s report. Lots of interesting things here of where we are heading.

The Physical Interface
Josh Clark explores the practical, meaningful design opportunities for the web’s newly physical interfaces.

UX Portfolios

Joshua Newton
Joshua is a Product Designer that has a very image heavy portfolio that shows sketches, wireframes, and the final output. I would have loved to see some of his design thinking and role behind his projects.

Got a UX portfolio or case study you want to share? Contact Me

Last But Not Least

Why we won’t hire you as a UX designer
Here’s one way to hire the right UX designer.

“Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”
— Andy Grove

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