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Issue 404


Is the iPhone 14’s new Dynamic Island plain stupid or the next revolutionary UX pattern?
Why UX designers are inspired by dynamic Island.

A Designer’s Balancing Act: Staying Creative and Organized in Figma
As designers, we’re tasked with navigating a sea of ideas and priorities, and creating the vision that guides our collective work.

Infinite Scrolling: When to Use It, When to Avoid It
Infinite scrolling minimizes interaction costs and increases user engagement, but it isn’t a good fit for every website.

UX analysis of HBO Max: the worst-rated streaming service 🤯
HBO Max suffers from poor UX judgement, a lack of finesse and a focus on style over function.

Enhancing Figma Resources. How we leveled up the Lyft Product
Getting product designers involved in the systems maintenance and enhancement nature of design systems but also helped benchmark the level of effort it takes to incorporate the latest and greatest Figma features.

One Formula To Rule Them All: The ROI Of A Design System
A ready-to-use formula to calculate the ROI of any design system.


It’s not just the design that matters, it’s the process too!
Achieving good design requires more than just working in a design tool. It requires clarity, collaboration, and a disciplined approach that guides creative teams towards a clear and meaningful goal for their design work. Learn what the design process looks like and why it’s so important.

Tools and Resources

UX Checklists For Interface Designers
UX checklists with best design practices, accessibility guidelines, design system checklist, tables UX checklist, UX research methods, form design UX and flowcharts.

Design system interviews
A collection of interviews with the industry experts to help you learn about how design systems are built and maintained at scale.

The Steve Jobs Archive
A set of core ideals motivated Steve throughout his life.
Open-source vector icons in 16 styles.

A library to help you give your users a refined, accessible and faster website navigation experience.

UX Portfolio

Marco Cornacchia
Marco is a product designer in San Francisco.

UX Job

Senior Director, Product Design @ onX (Remote)
onX is seeking a Senior Director, Product Design and UX, to lead their product design team across a multi-product platform.

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Last But Not Least

Design Thinking With Yoda
Is Yoda truly the real groundwork of design thinking?

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”
— Yoda

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