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Issue 395


Apple Maps vs Google Maps (UX analysis) 🗺
5 examples of clever UX in maps.

Designing A Better Pricing Page
There are plenty of important considerations for pricing pages that need to be explored before heading into the design phase.

A business designer’s guide to winging it
Evolve your design mindset to solve the world’s most challenging business problems.

Yo No Hablo Español: Tips for English Speakers Doing Bilingual User Research
How to use agency and peer support to run a UX research study in a language you don’t know.

On divergence: being autistic in UX
Is it becoming increasingly unwelcoming to different ways of thinking?


Product research so simple, you won’t skip it again
Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on Figma prototypes, designs and copy using task-driven questions. Sign up for free!

Tools and Resources

Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

Create video animations by simply drag-dropping your screen recording and choosing a template.

UX Portfolio

Apurva Chinta
Apurva is a Product Designer based in San Francisco.

UX Job

Product Designer @ Reddit (Remote)
As a Product Designer on the Growth Design Team, you will be responsible for defining and designing how Guest users convert to logged-in Redditors.

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Last But Not Least

How to keep growing as a designer — and as a human 🌱
Helping other designers grow in their careers, based on one designer’s (continuous) learnings.

“You can listen to what people say, sure. But you will be far more effective if you listen to what people do.”
— Seth Godin

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