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Issue 221


Exclusive Design
If we want to create truly inclusive websites, expertise in ourselves is not enough.

Writing a Memorable TL;DR
To help insights land, Facebook researchers write a short summary for each research report.

Designers: stop saying “yes”, start asking “why”
Using an insight-driven design approach to give clients what they really need.

Humans, not Users
Designing for the human, not the user, will give you a completely new perspective on your product and your business model.

Tooltip Guidelines
Although tooltips aren’t new to the web, they are often incorrectly implemented.

Designing for Tomorrow – A Discussion on Ethical Design
Thoughts on how to bring about more ethical design in future.

Tools and Resources

Design Maturity Model: The New Design Frontier
An industry-spanning report exploring the relationship between design practices and business performance.

Customer Empathy Sessions
A guide and templates to better understand your users.

Page Flows
User flow design inspiration for mobile and desktop.

Color by Cloudflare Design
A tool for building and exploring color palettes.

Design Patterns for Mental Health
A free pattern library, combining clinical and design best practices for digital mental-health services.

UX Portfolio

Meagan Fisher
Meagan is a freelance designer who has worked with Twitter, Dribbble, Adobe and more. Read about her redesign.

Last But Not Least

Best of UX Design Case Studies 2018
The top case studies of designers sharing their process through detailed and thoughtful stories.

“If we are designing for people, why not call them that: people, a person, or perhaps humans.”
— Don Norman

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